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Ostarine Review – A Short Guide for Beginners

Ostarine is a drug that is still in clinical trials. It is a SARM, which is a hit in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Before using the product, it is a good idea to understand how it works and how to use it properly. You should note that steroidal SARMs have been around for many years. However, non-steroidal ones are untested and new. These products work by stimulating the androgen receptors in the bone cells and muscles. In this way, they aid bone and muscle growth. Also, they do not have effects on other cells.

ostarine pillsThe good thing about SARMs is that they can be applied orally. You should note that when steroids are used orally, they cause liver damage. Since Ostarine or mk2866 improves the physical performance of an athlete, it has been banned by the World Anti-doping Agency. Therefore, you should only use it if you are not participating in competitive sports.

Uses of Ostarine

The truth is that Ostarine is a popular SARM in the fitness world. That is because it has an anabolic effect without harmful side effects. This means that the drug targets only androgen receptors, and it is not converted into estrogen. These are some of the potential uses of Ostarine.


For optimal gains, you should use 24 to 36 mg per day. You should note that this drug has a 4-6 week cycle. During this timeframe, it can help you gain about 15 lbs of lean muscle mass. Most people worry about losing their gained muscles when the cycle ends. Fortunately, you can alleviate the problem by taking Tribestan or Clomid in the last week. In this way, you will be sure that your muscle loss cannot occur after you stop using Ostarine.


Initially, SARMs were meant to treat muscle-wasting conditions. That explains why they are ideal for the cutting cycle. When you run on a caloric deficit, your body takes the nutrients from the fat deposits. This is how muscle atrophy occurs when you are on a cut.

ostarine supplementSince you want to show off your newly gained muscles, you cannot afford to lose them. In this case, Ostarine can help you. In this case, you should use 15 mg per day. Avoiding over-doing your exercises and focus on circuit and strength training. That can help you maximize the results. A lot of people have reported positive results when they stack Ostarine with steroids.