plasma cuttter

Best Uses for a Plasma Cutter

Building and fabrication have become essential activities in daily activities. When undertaking these activities, there are situations when you would like to cut building materials such as metals, pipes, among others. For easy working and to use minimal time, the use of a plasma cutter is crucial.

Furthermore, with this machine’s use, you can create intricate patterns and designs that can be applied in making art through metal stencils. When choosing a metal cutter, you can consider this portable plasma cutter.

Below are some of the best uses of a plasma cutter:


When plumbing on a wide range of jobs, you often engage in cutting pipes in various lengths on the spot. In such a situation, standard cutters are not possible since they waste resources by moving from site to workshop to cut pipe. Besides, it also takes time to make such movements. Standard cutters use a regular torch that can cause the cutting tips to warp the tube. For pipe ends to fit together, you need to use a plasma cutter. It also gives a smooth edge and quicker cut hence saving time.

Metal Recycling

Even if junkyards are still in existence, they are being phased out slowly due to the limited space available. These junkyards make their money from not only selling scrap metal but also selling spare parts to consumers. In this industry, the plasma cutter is used to cut metal into pieces and store them nicely quickly. Moreover, this increases productivity and space.

Rapid Cutting Jobs

rapid cutting jibAnother significant benefit of using plasma cutter equipment is that there will be an oxyacetylene torch; hence no need to preheat the flame. Plasma cutter also has no cutting edge to wear out, prompting constant replacing, unlike other physical cutting tools such as saws. Therefore, plasma cutter machines are most favorable for cutting jobs where efficiency and speed are of great consideration.

Cutting Very Hard Materials

Physically tough materials can dull a cutting blade. Tools such as saws become dull rapidly when used to cut through metal, creating flying metal chips and hazardous sparks. A plasma cutter can work all day without tear and wear regardless of the toughness the material being cut is.

The most important constituent to keep in place when using a plasma cutter is an electrical arc and enough gas. With these components, the cutter can work continuously since no physical force is needed or constant shutting down the machine to replace it.